Toddmomy Halloween Assorted Stampers 2 Boxes Insects Ghost Kids Self- Ink Stamps Halloween Party Favors Trick or Treat Small Toys Halloween Bag Fillers


Halloween Stamp Sets 2 Boxes Insects Stampers Self- ink Stampers Kids Halloween Party Stampers Made from plastic material with a comfortable touch, you can use with peace of mind.
Self Inking Stamps Easy to use, self ink design, can freely give play to the childrens hands- on ability, share with them fun.
Reward Stampers Good workmanship, the insect and Halloween theme pattern produced the stampers are stylish and vivid.
Kids Halloween Stampers Adorable and creative design, ensure its popularity and practicability among not kids, but also adults.
Halloween Theme Stamps Perfect for party, teachers reward, birthday party, greeting cards making, scrapbooks design and so on.

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