romoty Push Back Toy Car for Kids, Children’s Cute Animal Shape Press Pull Back Toy Car Cartoon Animal Cup Pet Toy Car Press Walk Push & Pull Toys (E#)


Toy Car Size: 9x8x8cm, Suitable for 3 years old and above
Cute pet shape: press forward, sturdy, fall-resistant, soft color, cute pet shape.
Ability training: intellectual development, brain movement, grasping, hand-eye coordination, other ability training, interactive toys.
Physical coordination: Baby’s fitness trainer guides baby to learn to crawl and push forward. The baby crawls, crawls, runs, and plays in pursuit of the cute little car, exercising the baby’s physical coordination ability.
An Ideal Gift For 2-4 Year Old: This dinosaur car toy set is colorful with different style, which can stimulate baby’s imagination, cultivate curiosity, encourage hand-eye coordination and promote recognition ability. Perfect for 2-4 year old kids birthday, party favours, Christmas. These toys cars also offer an ideal opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children.

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