QIYHBVR Mini 5.9” Electric Submarine Toy Pool Toy Bath Toy SUB Water Toy Military Submarine Model Toy Bathtub Submarine Floating Toy for Kids


? The submarine has no switch. When you put it in the water, the submarine will be activated. It will shut off when it gets out of the water. It is safe and energy-saving.
? Automatically correct the course, when the submarine drifts left and right, it will automatically correct the course.
? This is a 6-channel RC toy, it can forward/turn, turn left/right, dive, float.
? One-button diving for deep-sea diving, the barometric chamber removes air to control the ascent and descent, the submarine can sail on the sea surface, and can dive in the deep sea.
? Like a real nuclear submarine in the ocean, this RC submarine can be driven or submerged in water on top of it. It’s so much fun to play and makes a great gift for kids.

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