ORB 35782 Slimi Cafe Compound Fluffiwhipz Veriberry, Purple Slimy Icing Decoration Pack for Crushed Pastries, Toys for Ages 8 and up, Purple


ORB Slimi Cafe is the safe recipe for fun! Combine Slimi Cafe Squishies with Slimi Cafe toppings to create the most seductive treats like cakes, donuts or waffles!
The Slimi Cafe Squishy consists of individual squishy elements that you can create and decorate from the bottom to top with the Slimi Cafe decorative coverings.
Just follow these 5 steps: 1. Choose a Slimi Cafe Squishy 2. Choose the toppings 3. Create and decorate 4. Squeeze 5. Take everything apart and start all over again!
The wobbly Slimi Cafe creations can be created by children from 8 years old, but they are also a mighty cool challenge for older kids and even adults.
Here comes the Slimi Cafe Compound Fluffiwhipz Veriberry, a pack of purple mucous mass that can be twirled to add icing. Grab it and put the crown on your squishy!

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