Newborn Baby Toys Black and White High Contrast Sensory Baby Toys Baby Soft Book (Black and white1)


Newborn Baby Toys Exercise Hand Eye Coordination: Let the baby flip through the black and white baby book with fingers to exercise the baby’s hand eye coordination and grasping ability.
Newborn Baby Toys Head Up Ability: You can tie it to a crib to your baby’s head up ability and let your baby move.
Newborn Baby Toys Attract Attention: Contrasting black and white outlines, including sound paper, attract the baby’s visual and auditory attention, and practice chasing
Newborn Baby Toys Cloth Material: Soft baby book is made of cloth material, which is safe and environmentally friendly, with firm stitching, skin friendly and soft.
Newborn Baby Toys Repeatable Washing: Repeatable washing is resistant to tearing and not easy to rot, hand wash at room temperature, and to dry.

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