LEGO 11025 Classic Blue Baseplate, Construction Toy for Kids, Building Base, Square 32×32 Build and Display Board


A foundation for creative play – this 32×32-stud LEGO baseplate provides a blank canvas for kids’ creative expression
Durable and sturdy – 1,024 aligned studs provide builders with a firm and durable grip for their LEGO building bricks
From seaside settings with sunny swimming pools to sailing ships on the high seas, kids can build on this LEGO base whatever they imagine
The LEGO base board holds bricks firmly at any angle (even upside down!) yet allows them to be removed with ease
The LEGO blue building plate can be given as a birthday or any-other-day gift for kids aged 4+ for kids’ building projects and displays.Check out other LEGO Base Plates: 11023 green for nature builds, 11026 white for snowy winter landscapes, and 11024 grey for town builds

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