hand2mind Mindful Maze Garden Pack, Finger Labyrinth for Kids, Mindfulness for Kids, Sensory Play Therapy Toys, Calm Down Corner Supplies, Social Emotional Learning Activities (Set of 2)


CALMING SENSORY TOYS: 2 double-sided boards cover 4 breathing patterns.
MINDFULNESS FOR KIDS ACTIVITIES: Breathing tracks are large enough to fit pom-poms, rice, beans, etc., to add a multisensory element to exploring mindfulness.
FINGER PATH BREATHING BOARDS: A screen free way to teach children how to sooth themselves by providing cues and physical objects to guide them through breathing exercises.
ANXIETY SENSORY ITEMS: Each of the Mindful Maze Boards offers a unique experience because each child needs different breathing activities for different situations.
CALMING CORNER ITEMS KIDS: These Mindful Maze Boards would make a great addition to your calm down corner toys, classroom, daycare, or home calming corner!

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