Baby Teether Bracelet, Portable Teether Bracelet Soothing Mood Kids Toys Multifunctional Silicone Teething Rubber for Teething Period (Light Blue)


ATTRACTIVE SHAPE: Different colors and shapes are more likely to attract the attention of baby, and this teethers are not too soft or too hard for baby to enjoy chewing.
EASY TO CLEAN: Rinse with water directly after use or put baby teethers in the dishwasher, dry and store for use. Before use, boil it and clean the of harmful substances in hot water.
SILICONE MATERIAL: Made of soft and durable silicone, which is very safe for health. It does not contain any chemical harmful substances to ensure the safety of your baby.
RELIEVE GUMS: Can relieve the gum discomfort of infant, prevent babies from sucking and chewing their fingers, and develop good oral hygiene habits.
TEETHING PERIOD: Baby teethers toys are designed to soothe gums of baby and is perfect for helping front, middle and back teeth erupt of baby.

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