Baby Hanging Rattle Toy, Black and White Stripe Stroller Toy Plush Wind Chimes Toys Birthday Gift for Infants Car Bed Crib(#3)


Plush wind chimes, the right colors and cute animal shapes, can enlighten the baby’s visual development and cultivate the baby’s color sense.
They are curious about where the sound comes from. After touching and listening, children may pay more attention to different sounds in daily life.
Babies can learn the names and colors of animals while playing. When the plush rattle toy is swaying in the wind, the click of the wind chimes will stimulate the child’s grasping intention.
The embroidery on the plush rattle toy is exquisite and eye catching, which helps children to concentrate for a long time.
There is a rustling paper in the toy’s ears. When the baby pinches, it will make a clear sound. Babies will be attracted by this interesting design.

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