Baby Bunny Security Blanket, Bunny Teething Teether Blanket Enrich The Senses Crisp Sound Granular Touch 3D Chewable for Bed


Teether: The baby bunny security blanket can be hung on the bed, the bells on the bunny head makes a crisp sound, and the baby can bite the teether.
Granular Touch: The bunny teething teether blanket has a 3D granular touch , which increases the development of the baby’s tactile nerve during the touch process.
Bunny: This baby security blanket has a unique and charming bunny design, which you baby can pay attention to, and it can also be used as a comfort towel.
Soothe: The adorable shape of the baby blanket is designed to soothe 5 baby’s senses. Soft polyurethane material lets sensitive children sleep peacefully.
Safe: The baby snuggle bunny blanket has no strange smell, and the blanket is very safe to hold, so it does not damage the baby’s skin, and has no bad impact on the baby’s health.

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