Avery&Ruth Wooden Toys Play Clips Set – 8 Rubber Bands – Handmade Montessori and Waldorf Play Stand Clips for Baby and Toddlers


? 【HANDCRAFTED 100% MAPLE WOOD 】:Perfect for Waldorf stand. Each box includes 4 clips at 12x19cm/ 4 x 3.5 inches, 8 rubber bands, and 1 manual
? 【IMPROVED VERSION】: The improved version is lighter so it is easier for children’s hands and stay on the play frame, laundry rope, or tree branches.
? 【INSTRUCTIONAL MANUAL】: Learn how you can use the play clip, our play silk or any fabric to enjoy more imaginative play with our instructional manual.
? 【FINE MOTOR | BRAIN GROWTH】: Through gripping, placing and squeezing, kids hone motor skills and in turn, enhance the brain development.
? 【CREATE MONTESSORI QUIET CORNER】: Perfect for learning to reflect and extend focus. Facilitate our children’s brain growth, click add to cart now.

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