Ainichi Water Slide Bath Toy | 34pcs DIY Track Bathtub Duck Toys | Baby Products Shower Toy for Hospitals Schools Nursery Rooms Safe Havens


◒[Attractive Toy]: Water Slide Bath Toy is designed to attract children’s attention and lead them to love to bathe, an interesting and useful track toy, able to allow babies to play while bathing.
◒[Brain Game]: Designed to enhance the coordination of children’s hands and eyes, Duck Bath Toy is featuring vibrant and rich colors, able to stimulate babies’ visual development.
◒[Ideal DIY Item]: Bathtub Duck Toys are designed to stimulate children’s imagination, easy to create different shapes of the track according to your preferences, able to allow babies to assemble and disassemble.
◒[Simple to Install]: Able to absorb on a variety of smooth surfaces, Track Bath Toy is not easy to slip or fall, designed with multiple strong suction cups on the back.
◒[Safety Assurance]: Bathtub Slide Toy is designed to be safe and harmless without any bad materials, recommended that children need to use it under the supervision of adults, including some small accessories that need to be alert.

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