AGUZXTM Roller Addition and Subtraction Math Teaching Seal, Math Addition and Subtraction Practice Homework Within 100, Children’s Student Math Addition and Subtraction Practice Toys


【 Roller Digital Teaching Stamp】1*Pink Subtraction Number Rolling Stamp and Add Number Rolling Stamp,Ink*2.
【Fun School Supplies】 Teaching Stamps that are as fun as toys to make learning fun and exciting, and increase your child’s interest in learning! It is suitable for student practice, parental guidance, and teacher teaching. It can quickly and randomly generate questions. For addition and subtraction, you only need to roll the stamp to complete the work of the questions, making the questions more interesting.
【Time-saving and Fast Question Stamp】 The operation is simple, you only need to prepare a blank sheet of paper, and a math question stamp can quickly issue the question. Math problems can appear in front of you by scrolling the stamp. You can change the subject by adjusting the side shaft and twist the button, and a new random math problem will be generated. No more worrying about quizzes for kids who are studying math.
【New Teaching Stamp】 photosensitive process, no ink smearing, no need for ink pad, long-lasting printing time and clear stamping. The shell is made of sturdy ABS plastic components and shell, and the shape is small and easy to carry and store, making full use of space.
【Refillable ink, Recyclable】 durable, equipped with 2 free refill inks, open the oil cap, drop 5-6 drops at a time, add and cover the oil cap.

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