72 Pieces Calm Strips for Anxiety Sensory Stickers with 1 Fidget Pop and 3 Magnetic Toy Rings. Tactical Rough Anti Stress Fidget Stickers, Anxiety Relief Calming Strips for Adults Teens Kids.


Promote Calm Focus and Stress Relief – These calm strips for anxiety sensory stickers are a smart, simple way to help relieve stress, inspire calm, and restore focus and relaxation when feeling overwhelmed making them great for kids to adults.
Provides Soothing Hands-On Stimulation – Unlike fidget spinners or other fidget toys these anxiety sensory stickers can be attached to tablets, computer, books, desk surfaces, and tons of other items so they’re quiet, discrete, and less of a distraction.
Engagingly Brilliant and Vibrant Colors – Our calming strips for anxiety come in 12 exciting and original abstract paint colors that also provide visual stimulation. Kids will love adding these bright and vivid sensory stickers to just about anything.
Water-Resistant Soft Touch Tactile Surface – Alpha Zee sensory stickers for adults and kids feature a rough, tactile surface which allows people to pick, scratch, and rub their hands and fingers across the surface to stimulate the skin while relieving stress
Complimentary Fidget Toys Includes – Our sensory stickers bulk pack strips also come with magnetic ring finger spinners and classic push pop fidget toys that support ADD, ADHD, and special needs adults and kids who need hands-on play.

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